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Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

Kim R.

Dear LeMoine Physical Therapy: I want you to know that I was very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. I have recommended your company to others because of the satisfaction with your service and theI want you to ability to provide solutions in many aspects of pain and injuries.The tireless efforts afforded to me I sincerely appreciated, especially while my pain was at it’s highest due to a car accident, providing flexible and reliable service to accommodate, always providing something positive out of negative events. Rarely nowadays does a company afford the flexibility and compassion, never failing to impress and continuing to educate themselves to maintain knowledge in the field. Additionally going above and beyond to assist in controlling costs for specialty medical supplies and devices needed to manage pain. I sincerely thank you for your assistance.

I was injured on the job in 2009. I tore my meniscus in my right knee. I knew it was important to find the right Doctor, but I didn't give much thought to my physical therapy. Your therapist is the one who will get you back to normal and on your way.  My Surgeon fixed my knee and I was well on my way back to work. I was sent to one of the larger well advertised physical therapist groups. The problem was that they were so big, I was seen by someone different every time. The last therapist I saw confused my treatment and restore my knee. I had to go back and have the surgery all over again, which ended up with a total knee replacement. My Surgeon referred me to Dr Greg, who exceeded my expectations. He was there to see me at every apt. He was the most hands on, caring person that I had ever dealt with. I was so impressed with Dr Greg's knowledge of the human body and how it works. He even addressed an old injury that I had from ten years ago with great success. When my therapy was done, Dr Greg still checked in on me. I was not just a number, I was a valued patient. My wife and I have had P.T. for other reasons and have always used Dr Greg. In short, I have found it is just as important to find the right physical therapist as it is the right Doctor. I would recommend anyone to go to LeMoine Physical Therapy.



john k.


everett g.

I have been treated since 2009 for various injuries to my right wrists, both shoulders and lower right leg by Dr. LeMoine. Dr. LeMoine treatments relieved my aches and pains. His approach to my treatment included exercise, electronic stimulation, manipulation, and ultra sound therapy. Dr. LeMoine has been patient with my treatment. Each set of treatment has resolved my pain and range of motion issues. I have recommended him to family, friends, and my primary care physician staff.  He is a professional who takes pride in his work.